UTS Login Register

Hi guys, Today our post is how to register and login in uts app with step by step procedure.

UTs is a new app developed by the Indian railways, just install uts app on android. uts login can make easy your train journy. UTS APK is an Indian Railways official android mobile ticketing application which allows the Passengers to book unreserved tickets of Indian Railways using their Smart-phone. The application is designed in such a way that it is easy to use and has user-friendly interface with features like book ticket, cancel ticket, maintain their profile, manage frequent travel routes, etc. Payment for booking of ticket will be through Railway E-Wallet/Pay-TM/MobiKwik/Free Charge. This app is going to be a game changer as long Queues during the festival seasons.

Uts APP Login

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The App records frequent routes taken by the passenger in order to facilitate hi/her next ticket booking. We can able to book Season
Ticket and Platform Tickets also. As per the plan, one may download the app, named UTS, from the below download link.

UTS APK Version Download

12.0.8  Download

Steps to be followed to log in UTS App

  1. Step 1- Download the UTS app on Android/Windows smartphones.
    Step 2- Now, register or sign up yourself by providing all the required details. If you already
    registered to ignore this Step.
    Enter Mobile number, Your Name, Password (at least 4 digits/Characters), Nearest Railway
    station, Gender, Date of birth, Select any of the Id card (Aadhaar, PAN, Student ID Card, etc.)
    And Press on Generate OTP. If You enter OTP, Your registration will be complete.)

Step 3- Login by providing your mobile number and

Now Press (touch) on login (If already registered)
Step 4: If you Forgot Password follow the below Steps. Now click on Forgot password. You will get a screen like below. Enter your mobile number. Press on getting PASSWORD.

We will get Pop up Screen like this.

You will get a message like this.

Now type your Mobile number, Password in the Login Section.
Step 5: Now you can Change your Password. Press on Profile.

After Press on Profile, You will get Screen like this.

Now Press on Change Password. You will get Screen like this.

Now Enter Current Password, Then Enter Your New Password and Re-Enter your Password.
And Press on Change Password. You will get Screen like this.

Like this you will Change your Password and You Can log in by entering mobile Number and